Máy bơm ly tâm DIN-TEX

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Máy bơm ly tâm DIN-TEX

Centrifugal Pump DIN-TEX





The DIN-TEX is a sanitary high capacity centrifugal pump (up to 1000 m3/h). It is designed to work with a basic or semi-finished product. Its applications include processes of the food-processing industry, wine making or textile and chemical industries which are not characterised by strict hygienic requirements. Owing to the high flow, the pump is also suitable for the transfer of cleaning solutions.

Operating principle

Housed inside the casing, the impeller rotates in conjunction with the pump shaft. With this arrangement, the impeller blades convey energy to the fluid in the form of kinetic energy and pressure energy. This pump is not reversible by a simple reversal of the direction of rotation. The direction of rotation is clockwise when the pump is viewed from the rear side of the motor.

Design and features

8 mm cold-formed plate casing with volute. Flanges: PN16 according to DIN 2633.

Double-curvature impeller with blades on the rear side to reduce the axial thrust. 
Axial adjustment of the impeller (bare shaft version). 
Single mechanical seal according to EN12756 L1K. 
Fully drainable pump. 
IEC B3 (B35 close-coupled models) motors, 
IP55, F-class insulation. 
Drain port: G ½" (BSP).


Close-coupled construction for model 250.

SiC/SiC mechanical seal for abrasive media. 
Back-to-back pressurised or flushed double mechanical seal. 
Gaskets: FPM and PTFE. 
Motor shroud. 
Motors with other protections. 
Baseplate: stainless steel or painted steel.


Parts in contact with pumped media: AISI 316L

Lantern and bearing support: GG-22 
Gaskets: EPDM according to FDA 177.2600 
Mechanical seal: SiC/C/EPDM 
Intenal surface finish of the casing and impeller:blasted 
External surface finish: blasted 


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