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Máy trộn - bơm khuấy trộn INM

Mixing Pump


The mixers are used to mix solids in liquids.

In the food-processing industry, they provide a perfect solution for resconstituting powdered milk, making syrups, preparing brines, etc

They can also be a solution for preparing solid-liquid mixtures in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Parts in contact with the media: AISI-316L

Gaskets (standard): EPDM according to FDA

Mechanical seal (standard): C/St.St/EPDM

Inside finish: mirror polished,

Outside finish; mirror polished

Design and features

Simple and versatile assembly for quick and homogeneous mixing of a great variety of solids without contact with the air. Complete mixing with recirculation of the material. In some applications, it can be used in line without recirculation

3A Sanitary design

Easy assembly and disassembly by clamp connections

Cleaning can be carried out without disassembling the unit

Sanitary single mechanical seal

Operation Principle

The mixer basically consists of a casing and a centrifugal pump impeller which are mounted vertically. The suction side has a double-wall tube that keeps the inlet of solids separate from that of liquids, thus avoiding the formation of flocs before the material enters the casing.

The liquid enters the mixing chamber at a high velocity, there be creating a vacuum on the center of the impeller, which causes the suction of the solids. The fall of the solids can be regulated be means of a value situated at the bottom of the hopper

It is important to keep low pressure at the suction and at the dishcrage sides of the blender. Avoid cavitation. Thus a feeding pump must be provided only for the applications that really require it (considerable pressure drops at the suction side, high viscosity products, etc).Please keep in mind that the suction capacity will decrease.

When discharge pressure is high a centrifugal pump needs to be fitttedto the discharge of the blender

For viscosities above of 500 CP, the feeding pump and the discharge pump must be positive displacement pumps.


Dual cooled seal

Connections: DIN, SMS

Pneumatic actuator valve

Screen in the mixing chamber





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