Van bướm ba ngả nối ren

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Van bướm ba ngả nối ren

Three-way Thread Butterfly Valve


Standard Design

Various standards of valve can be provided to clients: DIN,3A,SMS,ISO,BS/RJT,ASME/BPE etc.

The parts of valve usually include: two piece body of valve ,disc, gasket of valve disc, gasket, and the entire valve is assemble together with bolts and nuts.3 piece butterfly valve also include two flanges and two gasket of flange.

The specification of HONTO manual handle as follows:

1.Pulling handle, we can supply two kinds of specification

2. Multi-position stainless steel handle can be used on the specification as follows: DN10~DN100/3A 3/4"~4"/SMS19~102/DS1"~4/ISO.IDFΦ19~Φ108

3. Multi-position plastic handle can be used on the specification are the same as the stainless steel multi-position handle.

The handle is fixed by a bolt.


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