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Sanitary Pneumatic/Manual Butterfly Valve (RD)


Work Principle:

This kind of valve can be handled by manual an electric actuator, and also can be handled by a pneumatic actuator.

Electric actuator or pneumatic actuator covert the axial movement of piston to be 90° rotation of valve shaft. So that the valve can be open or close to achieve the requirement of control and open/close for the pipeline system. They have three type of actuator: normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), air/air (A/A), or close four position, also achieves control of medium flow purpose.

Multi-position handle regulates the valve by 15?in its open of close 12 seats achieving control of medium flow purpose:

Pulling handle regulates the valve through four multi-function positioning, in its open

Sanitary Pneumatic/Manual Butterfly Valve (RD)



The series of this valve are sanitary pneumatic or manual butterfly valves, which are widely used in stainless steel pipeline system to control and regulate medium flow.


Steel parts: stainless steel 304,

                   Stainless steel 316L.

Seal: silicone (VMQ)

         fluoroelastomer (FPM), EPDM



Sanitary Pneumatic/Manual Butterfly Valve (RD)

Technical Data

Metal Material

Contact with the product components

304/316 (1.4301/1.4404) Forging

Can provide material inspection report

Material No contact with the product components

304/202 (1.4301/202)


Sealing material








Pressure of work

0 ~ 10bar


Control air pressure

5 - 8bar



Working temperature

VMQ: (-50 ~ +180°C) EPDM: (-20 ~ +135°C) FPM: (-30 ~ +230°C)

Sterilization temperature

150°C (MAX 20min)


Surface treatment

Inside surface treatment

Ra ≥ 0.4 - 0.8 µm


Surface treatment

Ra ≥ 0.8 - 1.6 µm



The diameter welding

Welding connection: DIN 11850-2 with 11850-1/SMS/3AISO Series etc

Connection mode: welding, Clamp, male and female, flange, etc.

Optional driven




Pneumatic control

Pneumatic head and fixed bracket


Butterfly valve volume flow: flow through the butterfly valve per unit time of a cross-sectional area of the fluid volume

Volume flow: cubic meters / hour (m3/h) detailed technical date please refer to the (next page)

Connection Type







Sanitary Pneumatic/Manual Butterfly Valve (RD)



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