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Sanitary Stop/Reversing Valve




The series of valve is major let the medium reach the purpose of reversing or end stop, because the goods tightness and clean ability. The are extensively use to different sanitary industry areas.




Steel parts: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L.

Seal: TFE, O type seal ring

Up diaphragm: NBR diaphragm and standard diaphragm

Down diaphragm: PTFE, EPDM rubber and standard diaphragm

O type ring: NBR diaphragm and standard diaphragm.

(Remark: when the temperature beyond 95 degree, the diaphragm need choose PTFE, O type ring choose EPDM.)

Working Principle:


The series of pneumatic cut-off reversing valve is change the energy which creative by compressed air to be the mechanical energy, the mechanical energy can drive the valve rod axial moving, thus move the different situation of Seal elements, which can control the switch for inlet of pipeline, finally realize the purpose of medium reversing or stop.


The manual cut-off reversing valve series control by handle, finally also reach the purpose of medium reversing or stop.


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