Bồn tank inox vi sinh

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Bồn tank inox vi sinh

Hygienic Tank, Sanitary Tank, Aseptic Tank



Tank bồn inox vi sinh - Hygienic Tank, Sanitary Tank, Aseptic Tank

We design and manufacture tanks for hygienic industries in the food, beverage, cosmetics, and medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The purposes of the tanks range from storage, heating/ cooling, stirring, dissolution, and filling to culture, etc. We produce tanks equipped with respective functions to meet customers’ needs.

We can also offer Class I and II pressure vessels which have increasingly been in demand recently, as well as tanks based on regulations such as the Fire Defense Law, etc.

  • Container tank / Bồn chứa inox vi sinh
  • Buffer tank / Bồn thực phẩm
  • Stirrer-equipped tank / Bồn khuấy trộn
  • Heating/ cooling tank / Bồn gia nhiệt, bồn làm lạnh
  • Buffer tank / Bồn áp lực
  • CIP tank / Bồn CIP


Thống số kỹ thuật bồn tank Specifications:


SUS304, 304L, 316, 316L


Pickling finish, buff finish, EP treatment, passivating coating, etc. are possible according to requests.


Up to 20m3 (I.D. max 3000mm x length max 6000mm)


Tank main body: -0.1MPa to 0.99MPa

Jacket: Up to 0.5MPa




Single-shell tank, double-shell tank with jacket, triple-shell tank with jacket and sheathing

Thermal insulation material

Glass wool, rock wool, perlite, etc.


Tiêu chuẩn bồn tank Standards:

JIS B8265


Pressure vessel structure standard



Thiết kế bồn tank Flow of designing tank:

  1. Meeting
  2. Sketch
  3. Strength design
  4. Outline drawing
  5. Detailed design
bon-tank-inox-vi-sinh-3 bon-tank-inox-vi-sinh-4


Vật liệu cắt bồn tank Material cutting:

  1. Shearing: Max. 6mm x 2400mm
  2. Plasma: Max. 12mm



Vật liệu thân bồn tank Material forming:

  1. Press: Max. 300 ton
  2. Bending roll: Max. 2500mm/6mm (Width/thickness)
  3. Ball punch plate thickness: Max. 5mm



Hàn bồn tank Welding:

  1. Robot welding
  2. Automatic vertical seam welding
  3. Automatic circumferential welding



Kiểm nghiệm bồn tank Inspection:

  1. Dimensional inspection
  2. Welding inspection
  3. Non-destructive inspection (Penetrant inspection, X-ray inspection)
  4. Surface finish inspection
  5. Pressure inspection, airtightness inspection
  6. Accessory inspection



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